Center for Esophageal Diseases

What is the Center for Esophageal Diseases?

Esophageal disease requires specialized and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, it is very important that various fields specialists and medical departments are deeply involved in the medical treatment, and that they deal with esophageal diseases as ONE TEAM medical treatment.
The Center was established in August 2020 to provide specialists related to esophageal diseases in cooperation with each other to provide advanced medical care and to support patients from various perspectives.
From malignant diseases such as esophageal cancer to benign diseases such as hiatal hernia and esophageal achalasia, gastroenterology, radiology and gastrointestinal surgery work together to provide advanced medical care to patients with all medical conditions.
We will cooperate with you to provide medical treatment, for surgery, with specialists such as anesthesia and resuscitation department, plastic surgery, head and neck cancer center, and perioperative management center (PERiO) that supports perioperative period, and for multidisciplinary treatment for malignant tumors, with tumor center and palliative support medical department for malignant tumor treatment.