Specialized dental divisions

Okayama University is one of national universities having the dental school and Okayama University Hospital has 11 specialized dental divisions, which routinely serve the developed dental treatment, as well as general dental treatment. It is well known that oral is important organ for living, which plays many roles feeding, respiration, articulation and so on, and they are produced by complicated neuromuscular functions of composed organs in oral and facial regions, tongue, lip, palate, jaw and teeth. Therefore, oral diseases easily disturb these important functions and worsen the quality of life in each patient. Almost oral disease can be treated by our specialists in each division, but some oral disease often requires a more effective and specialized treatment by members having some skills, and/or by a specialized team consisted of some specialists from different divisions. Our hospital has special outpatient center for such oral disease individually as described below. Please refer to them if you have some trouble in these category.

Clinic of Esthetic Dentistry

One for the purpose of the dental treatment is to create a beautiful tooth.
This field is the esthetic dentistry. We treat malfunction of the color and shape of the filler or tooth coloration, and a spontaneous beautiful white tooth is made, and a trouble of patients is canceled. And we create a natural beautiful white tooth, and resolve the problem of patients.There is various treatment such as the veneer restoration method to restore the surface color of the tooth with a small milling, tooth whitening to whiten a tooth without milling. In our hospital, the dentists with the expertise that have been selected from each department offer these treatments.

Clinic of Oral Implant

Oral implants are widely used as occlusal rehabilitation for replacing missing tooth. In the University hospital, we provide advanced approach and secured treatments for patients.

TMDs and Orofacial Pain Clinic

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs), the so-called one of modern diseases, are often accompanied by pain in maxillofacial area. The purpose of this clinic is to explore the cause of TMDs and treat them professionally. TMDs decrease masticatory function and induce various pains, which are required appropriate therapy.

Maxillofacial Prosthesis Clinic

Artificial materials are used to restore the face form lost by diseases existing at birth, accidental trauma and surgical removal of the tumor and so on. The purpose of this clinic is to restore masticatory function, speech function and improve aesthetic problems by using some prostheses. In addition, we help patients with living a fulfilling social life.

Specialized Denture Clinic

The number of patients wearing removable dentures has been increasing in super-aged society. Also, the number of those who have various problems about their oral conditions has been increasing in recent years. This clinic was established for edentulous with severe alveolar ridge resorption or highly demand for their dentures compared to conventional dentures.

Bad Breath (Halitosis) Clinic

Every patient seen in our clinic undergoes a thorough diagnostic set of procedures at their initial appointment at our specialized bad breath clinic. Following the thorough checkup, we will provide a combination approach to effectively treat each case. The doctor for Bad Breath Clinic will discuss with the patient what the specific causes are to their condition. Once we understand these causative factors we will then direct treatment towards the specific causes we have found.

Dry Mouth ( Xerostomia ) Clinic / Dysgeusia ( Taste disorder ) Clinic

Dry mouth, or xerostomia, refers to any condition in which the mouth is unusually dry because of a decrease in saliva produced by the salivary glands. Dry mouth is caused by a condition that directly affects the salivary glands, such as Sjogren’s syndrome. Also, it’s frequently a side effect of medication and radiotherapy, or associated with diabetes mellitus, kidney diseases. Treatment for dry mouth depends on the cause.
 Dysgeusia, or taste disorder, are loss of taste, the inability to detect tastes, or phantom taste perception, which is often unpleasant taste even though there is nothing in the mouth. The causes of dysgeusia are neurological disorder, lack of vitamins, side effect of medication and so on. It is important to check if the sense of taste is actually disturbed.

Specialty Outpatient Clinic for Oral Cancer.

This is a outpatient clinic for diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer. After treatment planning that takes into consideration characteristics of cancers, we aim to improve treatment outcome by multidisciplinary treatment. To solve post-operative problems of functional disorder of speech, mastication, and swallowing, and cosmetic disturbance, we perform reconstructive surgery, maxillofacial prosthetics, dysphagia rehabilitation are done with related clinical departments.

Okayama Dream Speech Project Clinic

This clinic was established for patients with speech disorders caused by subtotal removal of the tongue. Insertion of artificial tongue enables to improve speech disorder.

Clinic of Dental Metal Allergy

The metal is widely used in the field of dental treatments. This material is a durable, but some patients are suffered from the allergic skin/mucosa problems. The goal of this special clinic is to provide the safe and secured dental treatments with verifying these allergens.

Clinic of Sports Dentistry

Special outpatient clinic of sports dentistry provides sports mouth guards for athletes. Wearing sports mouth guards on their teeth can prevent orofacial trauma provoked by falling or body contacts during competitions or trainings. Since the mouth guards provided in our clinic are custom-made, they enable to fit their dentition precisely and lessen discomforts. It can also enhance the flexibility of designing and allows to fabricate their shapes ideal for each sport or position.