Department of Nursing

Message from the Director

The mission of our hospital is to develop new treatments and medical technologies and toprovide advanced and safe medical care.
As members of the medical team , our nurses strive to provide high-quality medical care to our patients.
We value "inquisitiveness, creativity, and advancement" in providing high-quality care.

Department of Nursing

What is the Department of Nursing?

The philosophy of the Department of Nursing is "to provide high-quality nursing services effectively, efficiently, ethically, and through empowerment.
Our nursing staff members strive to provide high-quality care that is ethical, safe, scientific, and respectful of the patient's decisions.
Our department is characterized by various career paths in clinical care, research, and education.
We have 6 certified nurse specialists (CNS) and 19 certified nurses (CN) working across the organization.


Specialized Outpatient Nursing Services

  • Outpatient services for ostomy care
  • Outpatient services for diabetes management
  • Outpatient services for foot care
  • Outpatient services for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  • Home care guidance for kidney disease patients
  • Outpatient services for organ transplantation support
  • Outpatient services for lymphedema
  • Outpatient services for appearance care
  • Outpatient services for cancer care

Team medical Care

  • Perioperative Management Team
  • Diabetes Healthcare Team
  • Palliative Care Team
  • Pressure Ulcers Prevention Team
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Team
  • Nutrition Support Team (NST)
  • Delirium Management Team
  • Ethical Consultation Team(ECT)