Department of Nursing

Message from the Director

The advancement of medical care has enabled treatment that was impossible only a few years ago. Nevertheless, that progress does not mean that a disease or the body can be restored to its pre-onset conditions. It is becoming common that people live with illness and various side effects. From now on, it will increasingly necessary to provide medical care and nursing care with a view to life after discharge from hospital and to cooperation with the local community.
Okayama University Hospital strives to protect life, making full use of cutting-edge medical and nursing care as an advanced acute care hospital. At the same time, we are engaged in nursing care to support living by which a patient can maintain daily life activities after returning home or to a facility.

Department of Nursing
Masako Munemiya


Provide the highest quality nursing service effectively, efficiently, and ethically through empowerment.

Basic policy (2020–2022)

1) Active participation in the improvement of hospital management.
2) Quality assurance and evaluation in nursing.
3) Cultivation of independent nursing staff.

Team medicine

  • Perioperative Management Team
  • Diabetes Healthcare Team
  • Palliative Care Team
  • Pressure Ulcers Prevention Team
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Team
  • Nutrition Support Team
  • Delirium Team

Special Outpatient Service

  • Perioperative Management Center (Nursing)
  • Outpatient Ostomy Care Services
  • Outpatient Diabetes Management Services
  • Foot Care Services
  • Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Services
  • Home Care Guidance for Kidney Disease Patients
  • Organ Transplantation Support Services
  • Pediatric Care Services
  • Lymphedema Services
  • Appearance Care Services
  • Cancer Nursing Services