Message from Director


Especially under these circumstances,
keep "Face" in mind

“Have no face-to-face dinners. Have no face-to-face conversations for the foreseeable future. When you meet together, maintain at least a two-meter distance from others.”  Who could have predicted that a day would come when almost all people in the world are mutually repeating these words of warning? In reality, however, amid the unprecedented difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, one can not choose but to live such a life with the aim of ending the personal and societal threats that it poses.
Still, we, all the staff members of Okayama University Hospital, would like to meet face-to-face with our patients and their families. Moreover, we would like to be united by connecting our hearts together, by joining the local community, and by extending our medical care to the world. Okayama University Hospital has expressed this wish in English as “Facing your face, facing our community, facing the world”.

To treat our patients affected by some disease or condition, it is natural that we cannot turn our face away from them. Therefore, of course, in treating patients who are infected with COVID-19, we also look them in the face while pursuing effective measures to prevent infection. Moreover, whenever any action against infectious disease is taken, building a cooperative system with the local community is fundamentally important. If our hospital only made efforts for infection control, it would be impossible to control the spread of this disease. Our hospital can also fulfill our roles through collaboration with the local community. Furthermore, regarding events taking place worldwide, our Okayama University Hospital functions and learns through worldwide efforts at infection control.
Especially now when we have been placed in this situation, I think we should embrace the promise and responsibility of “Face,” which is the very watchword expressing our mutual fight against COVID-19. Additionally, Okayama University Hospital values three words of “hospitality,” “quality,” and “sustainability” in providing medical care. We still value them under these circumstances. Therefore, I would like to present HOQUAS as Okayama University Hospital’s watchword, which is an acronym produced from the words hospitality, quality, and sustainability.

The history of the university hospital, established in Okayama City in 1870, has been passed down in an unbroken line. We can commemorate its 150th anniversary in 2020. Although I had never expected that we would have to face such a severe trial this year, it is significant to us that, instead of looking away from reality, we would like to be engaged in everyday treatment activities with sincerity and commitment to our contributions to medical innovation.
For that reason, especially in light of the circumstances we must face today, I would like to ask you for your cooperation with Okayama University Hospital, which continues to uphold the themes of “Face” and HOQUAS.

May 2020

Director, Okayama University Hospital 文字金澤右