Message from Director

For patients,
for the development of health and medicine,
for society

The philosophy of Okayama University Hospital is “We offer highly advanced medical care in a caring manner, train and educate excellent medical professionals, and contribute to continuous health promotion in society and the community.” Our hospital has a long tradition and history of over 150 years, dating back to 1870 when the Major Hospital of the medical school of Okayama Domain was established. We have been providing and shall provide the best medical care to our patients.
The Okayama University Hospital administration and staff have collaborated to provide minimally invasive medicine such as robot-assisted surgery and IVR, and highly advanced medical technology such as organ transplantation, highly advanced surgery, and multidisciplinary cancer care. We are going to refine these central fields further, in addition to immunotherapy and genomic medicine which are expected to develop. In August 2015, we were designated as the Core Hospital for promoting hematopoietic stem cell transplantation of the Chugoku area, and have been striving to promote transplantation medicine in the Chugoku area and conducting many cases of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in intractable diseases such as leukemia. We have also been certified as the only institution in the Chugoku and Shikoku areas that provides treatment with genetically modified immunocytes (CAR-T cell therapy), presenting state-of-the-art medical care to many patients.
Genomic cancer medicine, by which cancer genes are investigated to provide optimal medical care to each patient, has been developing rapidly. Okayama University Hospital has been designated as a “Cancer Genome Medicine Core Hospital” to play the role as leader of genomic cancer medicine not only by providing optimal medical care to each cancer patient but also by leading clinical studies and advanced medicine to promote research and development. Our Center for Comprehensive Genomic Medicine combined with Clinical Cancer Center, BioBank, Department of Clinical Genetics and Genomic Medicine, and so on, work on the development of genomic cancer medicine.
Okayama University Hospital has been designated as a “Core Clinical Research Hospital under the Medical Care Act” to play the central role in international-level clinical studies and investigator-initiated clinical trials to promote high-quality clinical studies necessary for the development of innovative drugs and medical devices from Japan. In addition, our hospital, which is a “core hospital for translational study support,” continues studies that cover basic studies of actual medical care in patients. Okayama University Hospital contributes continuous health improvement in society and local communities through the promotion of industry–academia–government collaborative activities and development of innovative medicine from the interdisciplinary research environment.
Finally, Okayama University Hospital is also a place for educating good medical specialists. In Society 5.0, where all humans and things are connected to share various information and to produce novel and unprecedented values, it is also necessary for medical specialists to respond to changes in the surrounding society. We have been concentrating on human resource development for the promotion of digitalization, with emphasis on data-driven research, artificial intelligence technology, and big data analysis. We educate medical specialists who have “immutability” to remain faithful to the idea of “for patients, for the development of health and medicine, not for oneself but for society”, and who also have “fluidity” to respond flexibly to social changes and launch them to the region and to the world.
We the staff of Okayama University Hospital continue in our earnest efforts to meet expectations of our patients and society and communities. We are most grateful for your kind support.

April 2023
Director of Okayama University Hospital
MAEDA Yoshinobu