Dental Laboratory Division

What is the Division of Dental Laboratory Division?

In the Dental Laboratory Division, dental restorations and prosthethes are fabricated as “objects related to the living body”. Dental implants, facial prostheses, and 3D life-size models of internal organs are also administered and applied in this division.

Management Policy

The “Division of Dental Laboratory for Technicians” collectively manages “producing objects related to the living body” such as technical materials, except for objects that dentists make on their own in the “Division of Dental Laboratory for Medical Staff”, and support diagnosis and treatment in the most efficient manner, including high quality, stable supply, and development of technology.

Description of Main Services

  • Produce protectors in the perioperative period, urgent denture repairs, and remodeling.
  • Manufacture equipment used in IMRT radiation therapy, medical aid, and processing.
  • Produce full-size organ models using data captured by CT or MRI. Various types of surgery simulation AIDS and internal fixation devices before surgery.
  • Guide surgery equipment aimed at aesthetic recovery using CAD/CAM ceramic prosthetic and implants. Fabricate dentures for immediate restoration.
  • Produce artificial tongues or palatal articulations in cases of difficult recovery.