Division of Medical Informatics

What is the Division of Medical Informatics?

The Division of Medical Informatics strives to enhance medical care service in the hospital, as well as contributing to medical education and research through operation and development of a hospital information management system, with effective management of medical records and medical history information. Full-time staff members consist of the director and two assistant professors. Through cooperation of the staff members of the Division of Medical Informatics who are appointed concurrently in various professions, we work with the Medical Affairs Section and engineers of system vendors, and with 14 health information managers for the inspection of medical records and DPC coding.

Although the hospital includes staff members of various departments and professions, we aim to build a comprehensive, harmonious hospital information system. We undertake the roles of interpreter and coordinator among staff members involved in medical care and SEs involved in system development.

The service contents encompass a wide range, from the introduction of new systems and the improvement of the existing systems to education of staff, to various troubleshooting and response to network security. Health information managers inspect medical records to respond to the demands of the present age, such as medical records disclosure. Furthermore, they prepare basic data for hospital management in addition to statistical data in response to various requests.