Aggressive Periodontitis Center

What is the Aggressive Periodontitis Center?

Aggressive periodontitis used to be designated as juvenile periodontitis. Unlike chronic periodontitis, which is commonly found in middle age, it can develop from early childhood and high teens as early as it is characterized by rapid progression. Furthermore, because it often occurs in familial patterns, genetic factors are suspected to be involved. Until now, these patients have been recommended dental implants and other prosthodontic treatments, but many patients feel that the treatment is unacceptable. They visit us to ask for second opinions and consultation. Furthermore, dentists at private clinics request correspondence because of the widely diverse types of periodontitis.

Therefore, we provide a periodontal department with JSP Board Certified Periodontists belonging to the four departments of Periodontics and Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Pediatrics, and General Medicine, which are all cooperating as the main departments. Diagnosis for dental and medical issues, comprehensive treatment, and maintenance after treatment are provided through cooperation involving 10 departments and others under a wide umbrella of medical and dental collaboration, including imaging diagnosis, dental rehabilitation, preservation of specimen, and psychological care.