Disaster base hospital

What is Disaster base hospital?

A disaster base hospital is a “medical institute for the enhancement of initial emergency care system in disasters,” as stipulated in a notification from the then Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1996. It has the functions listed below.
(1) It has a system by which it can respond to emergencies during or after disasters 24 hours a day and can receive/transfer sick and injured people in the affected area.
(2) It can receive/transfer severely injured patients using a helicopter or other means.
(3) It has a system of cooperation with fire services (emergency fire response team) to dispatch a medical rescue team.
(4) It can dispatch a physician to the site by the helicopter.
(5) It has an appropriate collection of medical devices and systems as well as an information collection system, a heliport, an emergency vehicle, and resources so that it can dispatch a self-sufficient medical team.