Center for Oral Health Management

What is the Oral Health Management Center?

We provide a dental checkup: a complete dental examination. Series of examinations evaluate factors causing caries, periodontal disease, cancer, dysfunction, and so on (such as species and numbers of bacteria in the mouth, risk of caries, titer of serum antibody to periodontal pathogens, bad breath, X-ray, CT, genetic testing, biting force, masticatory function, tongue pressure, and oral dryness). The results can contribute to health promotion, health care, early detection of difficulties, and early treatment. Additionally, on request, we offer regular services for preventive dentistry.
Data and results from these examinations are applied to education and research. They also contribute to human resource development and to the development of new diagnostic methods, diagnostic devices, and preventive medicine. Those data are anticipated to be useful not only to patients who have received a dental checkup for health promotion, but also to other people’s health. Through the examinations described above, we support treatment by medical and dental departments. We also accept requests for examinations from external hospitals and dental clinics.