Breast and Endocrine Surgery Department

Message from the Director of the Department

We can perform the total treatment for Breast, Thyroid and Parathyroid disease. Treatment for cancer is progressing year by year. Genomic mutation and somatic mutation of cancer cell can be checked and appropriate treatment according to those results are provided. The patients can receive breast reconstruction surgery and/or risk reducing mastectomy. Moreover, we are confirming the efficacy and safety of less invasive surgery (RFA, active surveillance for very early breast cancer) and new drugs by clinical trials.
The specialists of breast oncology, drugs, hereditary cancer, oncofertility and psycho-oncology are belonging our team and they can provide the appropriate supports meeting the patients’ needs.


Director,Department of Breast and Endocrine SurgeryTadahiko Shien

Scope of Target Diseases

This specialized department targets breast, thyroid gland, and parathyroid diseases, conducting examination and providing treatments (including surgery and pharmacological therapies) in cooperation with other departments.

Breast diseases

Breast cancer, Breast benign tumor

Thyroid diseases

Thyroid cancer, Thyroid benign tumor, Hyperthyroidism (Grave’s disease)

Parathyroid diseases

Primary hyperparathyroidism, Secondary hyperparathyroidism

Features and Description of Medical Care

The Endocrine Center (established September, 2006) is managed for more functional diagnosis, research, and education of endocrine diseases, especially thyroid diseases, in cooperation with the Department of Endocrinology by abolishing the boundaries separating conventional therapies by department. The number of cases the center deals with is among the largest in the Chugoku and Shikoku districts.
Breast Cancer Treatment and Reconstruction Center (established April, 2008): A team of specialists including health-care providers has been assembled to offer complete breast cancer team medicine. Full partnership of the Department of Plastic Surgery particularly enables our department to offer top-class breast reconstruction as well as top-class breast cancer treatment in Japan.
Specialists and nurses specializing in mammary gland diseases collaborate with fertility specialists and reproductive psychological counselors to provide female function counseling support for patients who are receiving drug therapy.
Setouchi Breast Project Comprehensive Support Organization (established September, 2009): The organization contributes to the development of local medical care and health maintenance and the enhancement of quality of life by supporting breast cancer-related activities performed in the Chugoku and Shikoku districts.

For outpatient visits

Our department is an institute certified by the Japanese Breast Cancer Society, providing world-standard treatment and education for a university hospital to face anticipatory research and to train specialists. Additionally, we perform team medical care with nurses and pharmacists. In breast cancer surgeries, the time has come when not only curative effects, but also cosmetic effects are considered. Our department has also established the Breast Cancer Treatment and Reconstruction Center collaborating with the Department of Plastic Surgery so that we can perform high-quality breast reconstruction surgeries at the first stage aside from breast conservation surgeries.

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