Division of Quality Management in Radiology


What is the Division of Qualith Management in Radiology?

We are in charge of improving and maintaining safety through comprehensive and continuous quality management of medical radiology in general, with specific emphasis on the prevention of medical accidents in radiotherapy and the management of patients' medical radiation exposure caused by radiological diagnostic equipment.

Our division is run by a staff of six members under its manager, the Director of the Department of Radiology (Takao Hiraki) and one assistant manager.

We perform tasks based on decisions of the radiology quality management committee, and construct quality management systems multi-disciplinarily.

  • Analysis of reports on the quality management of the medical practice of radiology
  • Safety control of medical devices for radiology and treatment planning systems
  • Planning and management of education and training of staff involved in radiology
  • Communication and coordination with persons in charge of the radiotherapy site, and improvement of operations
  • Management of medical radiation exposure of patients
  • Cooperation with other medical institutions related to radiology