Division of Endoscopy


What is the Division of Endoscopy?

This division brings the diagnosis and treatment of disease together using upper gastrointestinal, small-bowel, colon, pancreatic and biliary, and bronchial endoscopy. We conduct the examination and treatment of approximately 10,000 cases each year.
In addition to the division chief, 3 exclusive teachers, 5 medical staff, the head nurse, 18 nurses, 3 medical receptionists, and endoscopy specialists of Gastroenterology, Gastroenterological Surgery, Respiratory Medicine and Surgery, and General Medicine undertake examinations and treatment. We transferred to the current endoscopy center in May 2017 and performed endoscopy using the latest equipment at eight examination tables and two X-ray systems in completely separated examination rooms.
The recovery room after examination is also satisfactory. Doctors and nurses collaborate to provide sage, high-level, and painless examinations for patients.