Clinical Nutrition Division

What is the Division of Clinical Nutrition Division?

The clinical nutrition division provides nutritional management, feeding management, and nutrition counseling as part of medical treatment. We offer dietary remedies to patients with diabetes and kidney diseases. Furthermore, we provide consultation on meals before and after an operation, on loss of appetite because of chemotherapy, and on malnutrition. Our goal is to maximize the curative effects along with medical treatment by presenting safe individualized meals to every patient while following HACCP. Additionally, we engage in clinical research to elucidate the effects of nutritional management and dietary remedies. We work with other medical and supportive divisions related to diabetes, dialysis prevention, decubitus ulcer, NST, dysphagia, PERIO, palliative care, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, cardiac rehabilitation, and hepatitis. We support the other divisions from the perspective of nutritional management. We also receive NST training from outside institutions while providing training to student dieticians.