Department of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery

Message from the Director

The Department of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery, Okayama University Hospital was established to provide the best surgery for patients born with congenital heart disease. The Department of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery is among of the largest institutions in Japan, performing 350 heart surgeries annually, accepting patients not only from Okayama Prefecture, the Chugoku region, and the Shikoku region, but also from all over Japan and overseas.


Department of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery
Shingo Kasahara

Scope of Target Disease

We have a unique experience of comprehensive heart surgery, especially for neonates and patients requiring a complex surgery in cooperation with the Division of Pediatric Cardiology, the Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology, and the Intensive Care Unit. Particularly we have treated over 150 cases of stage I palliation for hypoplastic left heart syndrome to date using the Norwood–Sano procedure, achieving excellent results with an operative survival of 92% (zero mortality in the last three years). In addition, mortality including neonatal surgery and complex cardiac surgery is less than 1%. Minimally invasive cardiac surgery is performed for some simple surgeries. Right axillary small incision is now performed routinely for patients with atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, etc. We also provide surgical and medical treatments for severe heart failure, such as the implantation of pediatric ventricular assist device and regenerative medicine to the patients with a single ventricle. Life support with an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation treats not only the heart but also other organs: the lungs, liver, and kidneys.

Features and Description of Medical Care

Eight beds of the intensive care unit (CICU) in the Central East Wing and six beds in the intensive care unit (PICU) annexed to the East Wing second floor are regularly available as the Intensive Care Unit of the Department of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery.
These are used for patient care before and after surgery.
We treat the patients in collaboration with pediatric cardiologists, pediatric anesthesiologists, obstetricians, and neonatologists.
Our policy is to provide the comprehensive heart surgery for patients with congenital heart diseases. Safety is our priority and surgical treatment is provided according to each patient’s lifestyle. We are convinced that it is of prime importance that a tailor-made care is provided because congenital heart disease can be a lifetime issue. We are accepting patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter how severe the condition will be, as the sole pediatric cardiac center in the area. 

For outpatient visits

Patients are treated by experienced physicians who have been trained in Japan and overseas. We thoroughly explain the reason, proposed results, and risks of surgery. Patients who are considering a second opinion are welcome to visit the outpatient clinic. 

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