Hospital Management

What is the Division of Hospital Management?

Hospital Management mainly undertakes investigations related to hospital management, statistics and analysis, and support related to management improvement. The hospital maintains various data associated not only with clinics and research, but also those data associated with medical care. By organizing the data and presenting them to the hospital administration and each clinical division, we intend to improve the “medical care quality” and contribute to the enactment and execution of Okayama University Hospital’s philosophy and basic principles. We undertake management in cooperation with members of the Medical Fee Audit Office and Medical Information Management Office of Medical Affairs Division.

After becoming a national university corporation, Okayama University Hospital represents no exception in needing to undertake management that is appropriate for our activities. It is proper to state that “appropriate and sound medical care provision in sound management” is our goal, but simply ascertaining the management status of the hospital is important.

The introduction of electronic medical records and DPC clarifies the relations between medical practice and health insurance claim information, which was difficult in the past. The use of that information enables their transformation into data. We would like to point out issues to be improved based on the data. Furthermore, from this aspect, we think that the management of clinical pathways is important. The momentum of improving the “quality of medical care” in the search of the provision of better medical care is increasing in the hospital. Taking this opportunity, we undertake efforts to create data for an evaluation index by working with health information managers and providing additional feedback on basic data related to hospital management to all quarters.