Division of Infection Control and Prevention

What is the Division of Infection Control and Prevention ?

The Division of Infection Control and Prevention is a cross-organizational (multidisciplinary) team consisting of professionals seeking to prevent and manage healthcare-associated infections for all people in the hospital, including patients, their families, all staff members, and medical and nursing students. As a center hospital, Okayama University Hospital gives support to the infection control activities in other facilities in Okayama Prefecture. The Division consists of about 30 staff members including medical doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, microbiological technologists, dental hygienists, nutritionists, and clerical workers.
Our activities include monitoring the occurrence of targeted microorganisms and high-risk infections(including COVID-19) related to medical practice and addressing these matters promptly and appropriately, surveillance of the infection control activities, and the use of antimicrobial drugs in each department and unit. For sharing and delivering the related information, the Division holds core member meetings every week, staff meetings and safety-manager meetings (joint meetings with the Division of Medical Safety Management) every month, and chairman meetings for infection control and prevention every month.