Advanced Critical Care and Emergency Medical Center


What is the Critical Care Medical Center?

Okayama University Hospital’s “Critical Care Medical Center,” which opened October in 2011 as a central medical practice section to address emergency or disaster medical care, was approved by Okayama Prefecture as an “Advanced Critical Care and Emergency Medical Center” on April 1, 2012. The emergency medical service facility has a total of 15 members, consisting mainly of emergency medicine department licensed emergency lifesaving and emergency care workers and senior fellows of the Japanese Association of Acute Medicine. It also includes full-time members selected from other departments (excluding residents, as of April 2018). In addition, it has dentists, pharmacists, clinical engineers, and physical therapists. The Advanced Critical Care and Emergency Medical Center has the most advanced function among emergency medical care centers, providing emergency medical care for special patients with multiple trauma, extensive burns, cardiac arrest, septic shock, finger or limb amputation, and acute intoxication. We receive severe critical-care patients with endogenous and exogenous diseases in and out of the hospital of all ages. As a “bastion of last resort” among Okayama Prefecture’s emergency medical care services when other medical institutes or emergency care centers cannot respond, we have a framework in place for accepting patients who require highly multidisciplinary treatments, 24 hours a day, every day, to the greatest extent possible.