What is the Okayama University Hospital Biobank (Okadai Biobank)?

Currently we can choose more effective therapy with less serious side effects to treat diseases for which there had previously been no effective treatment. Such innovations have resulted from various studies conducted inside and outside of Japan. More studies must be conducted in the future to provide patients with better medical care. Biobanks retain and manage clinical samples (such as blood, tissue, and urine) and clinical information (such as age, gender, and medical history) that were donated from patients, supporting their effective use for medical research. The Okayama University Hospital biobank provides stored clinical samples and information to research institutions inside and outside of Okayama University for their use in studies of basic medicine and pharmaceuticals. The provided samples and information are valuable resources supporting many innovative studies, from diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases to new drug development, new diagnostic methods, and prediction of therapeutic effects and adverse effects. Our expectations are that the biobank will continue to be an important foundation supporting the promotion of such studies.