What is the Okayama University Hospital Biobank (Okadai Biobank)?

Current advances in medical science have led to the provision of more precise and more effective treatments with fewer side effects for diseases of many kinds, even those for which there was previously no treatment. Various research findings around the world, including Japan, have led to these innovative advances. To provide ever better medical care to people, it is necessary to continue engagement in challenging biomedical research. Biobank is a type of biological material repository for collecting, storing, and distributing biological specimens with clinical information related to patients, including blood, organ tissue, urine and other specimens, to support medical investigation. Okayama University Hospital Biobank (Okadai Biobank) offers these human-derived biological samples with clinical information for their utilization in medical research to research institutes in Japan and overseas. The biological samples are expected to be valuable medical resources supporting innovative biomedical research in the fields of disease prevention, diagnosis and therapy, drug discovery, novel medical examination methodologies, prediction of the response to therapies and side effects, etc. We believe that advances in research achieved using specimens offered by Biobank can engender greatly improved medical care in the future for people around the world.