The Center for Graduate Medical Education


What is the Center for Graduate Medical Education?

The Center for Graduate Medical Education is responsible for the recruitment of junior residents and dental residents, planning and provision of educational programs, support for their choice of rotation, and communication and arrangements with regional clinical training hospitals.
The clinical training system in Japan has been mandatory since 2004 for the medical course and since 2006 for the dental course. Our clinical training division provides training programs that range widely from advanced medicine characteristic to a university hospital to community medicine including primary care from which students can choose freely and learn through collaboration with more than one hundred cooperating hospitals. Our close communication with coordinators of specific medical departments also enables us to provide occasions for both junior residents and residents to improve themselves together.

The Dental division mainly provides general dental clinical training. Concurrently, it implements training in every dental department. To master basic diagnostic and treatment capabilities necessary for patient-oriented comprehensive dental treatment which is the aim of the clinical training, we offer various programs such as combined programs, including independent-type programs in this hospital and collaborating external hospitals or private practices.