Medical Support

Message from the Director

As expert medical technicians with national qualifications, we improve the quality of medical technology and establish a close cooperative system with clinical diagnosis and treatment divisions. Our goal is described below: we quickly provide sophisticated technology to the diagnosis and treatment divisions; we assign importance to patients’ dignity and adopt a medical technology system particularly addressing patients. Additionally, we contribute to regional support, education and management.

Director,Department of Medical SupportMitsugi HONDA

What is Medical Support?

Medical Support comprises the Clinical Examination, Radiology, Clinical Engineering, General Rehabilitation, Clinical nutrition, Dental, and  Clinical Psychology. By centralizing medical technology staff members, we work as a cooperative system that supersedes occupational differences.
• Clinical Examination section: Dispatch to division of clinical laboratory, division of blood transfusion, division of ultrasound diagnostic center, etc. • Radiology section: Dispatch to division of radiology. • Clinical Engineering section: Dispatch to division of clinical engineering, division of hemodialysis and apheresis, division of operation, advanced critical care and emergency medical center etc. • General Rehabilitation section: Dispatch to division of physical medicine and rehabilitation. • Clinical nutrition section: Dispatch to division of clinical dietary. • Dental sections: Dispatch to the dental department. • Clinical Psychology section: Provide psychological assessment and psychological support.