Clinical Ethics Policy

Okayama University Hospital provides high-quality medical care with due consideration to the dignity and human rights of those who receive care based not only on treating those who are sick but also prompting and maintaining people’s health, recognizing the gravity of the responsibility, and “loving people.

  • Respecting patients’ human rights and right of self-determination, we achieve a medical environment with a rich sense of humanity.
    Members of our medical staff strive to gain the trust of patients and practice medicine in accordance with patients’ perspectives.
  • We implement clinical research on the code of medical ethics for the development of medical care and undertakes the provision and development of highly advanced medical technology. With regard to issues related to patients’ beliefs and the dignity of life, we choose a course of treatment after conducting deliberations. In addition, the quality of medical treatment and the validity of medical practice are examined.
  • When practicing medicine, we comply with the relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, and strive further to provide efficient medical care.