Department of Comprehensive Dentistry

Message from the Director of the Clinic

This department provides dental treatments including preventive dental procedures, conservative procedures, prosthetic procedures, and oral surgical procedures, generally dealing with one oral case as one unit. It is also an educational section to train primary-care dentists. A team of several dentists with specialties, pre-graduate interns, and residents provides dental therapy.

Director, Department of Comprehensive DentistryTadashi Yamamoto

Scope of Target Diseases

  • Caries: decalcified tooth, with substantial deficiency or with symptoms of pain or acute pain.
  • Periodontal diseases: chronic inflammation caused by bacterial infection, possibly causing gum swelling, absorption of bone tissue around a tooth, and tooth mobility.
  • Pulp inflammation/apical periodontitis: caries advancing to a nerve, possibly causing inflammation or acute or chronic periapical inflammation with pus caused by pulp death.
  • Tooth loss: by which a tooth is lost for some reason, necessitating a crown or artificial denture.
  • Pericoronitis of wisdom teeth: by which a wisdom tooth causes inflammation of the surrounding gum tissue. In addition, all general diseases of the mouth are targeted.

Features and Description of Medical Care

The plan of treatment for each patient is discussed by a primary dentist plus several dentists from each specialization to provide evidence-based dental therapy. The treatment policy is not only to target disorders in stomatognathic systems, but also to provide widely various holistic treatments, keeping communication with patients in mind. Furthermore, we hope to contribute to systemic health as well as oral health through post-treatment maintenance and regular checks.
Generally, at a university hospital, a patient with several oral difficulties must visit different specialized departments for each treatment. However, the Comprehensive Dental Clinic enables a primary dentist to provide all treatments in cooperation with different specialists and thereby save the patient the trouble of changing departments for different procedures. In other words, our clinic can provide general treatment for all difficulties related to the mouth as a unit. Additionally, in cooperation with the specialized departments, it can treat difficulties that are judged to require advanced treatments.

For outpatient visits

You can make an appointment for the next time after your examination is over. You can change the appointment by calling the desk of the Comprehensive Dental Clinic: 086-235-6787, 6788. In an emergency, you can receive treatment without an appointment. If you are a first-visit patient at first consultation, you cannot make an appointment: You must be referred.