Locomotive Pain Center

What is the Locomotive Pain Center?

The aim of the Locomotive Pain Center is to share medical information on rheumatic diseases, metabolic bone diseases, peripheral neuropathy, spinal cord and spine diseases, and to provide appropriate treatment for motor pain diseases, improve comprehensive education and research on pain in locomotive organs, and contribute to the enrichment and development of community medicine. The Division of Chronic Pain Management is responsible for treatment of intractable chronic musculoskeletal pain, and the Division of Rheumatic Diseases is responsible for diagnosis and treatment for rheumatic diseases such as arthritis. The members of the Division of Chronic Pain Management are doctors from orthopaedics, anesthesiology, psychiatry, neurology, neurosurgery, dental anesthesiology, physical therapists, clinical psychologists, pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, and medical social workers from a wide range of specialties for chronic pain. The Division of Rheumatology provides appropriate multidisciplinary treatment of rheumatic diseases by medication, rehabilitation, and surgery in childhood, transition, adulthood and old age by specialists in orthopaedics, rheumatology, pediatric rheumatology and dermatology. All staff members work together to provide gentle medical care to patients and to develop better treatments.