Okayama Craniofacial Center

What is the Okayama Craniofacial Center?

The Okayama Craniofacial Center was established for children with some skull and face deformities to make the function and appearance satisfactory to the greatest extent possible.
These craniofacial disorders often develop at birth. They sometimes cause a life-threatening condition such as increased intracranial pressure, and require early surgery. Additionally, it sometimes happens that the disorders change with growth and that the deformity progresses gradually, or it entails harmful effects on function such as eating and speaking after entering the growth period. Therefore, it is important to provide treatment at the appropriate time when necessary. The Center’s outpatient clinic, located in the Neurological Surgery Outpatient Clinic, has a system by which people can receive consultation and diagnosis and treatment from full-time doctors and nurses and efficiently consult a doctor of related clinical divisions, centering on Neurological Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Orthodontics.