For first-time visitors to the Dental Outpatient Clinic

※In principle our hospital requires appointments.

Outpatient service procedures for first-time visitors to the Dental Outpatient Clinic

Counter No. 1 First-time visitors on the 1st floor, Medical Outpatient Clinic

Reception hours/ 8:30AM~11:00PM
When you arrive before 8:30AM, please take a number at the 1st floor information counter.
Closed/  Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays

Fill out the consultation application form, and show a referral letter, a health insurance card, an ID (passport, residency card or alien registration card), etc. at Counter No. 1 (Dental).
After registration, you will receive a patient ID card and an information sheet.

You will also receive an explanation of outpatient service procedures.Then go to the  Dental Comprehensive Diagnosis Room (Preliminary  Examination Room) .
 The department and the dentist for you will be chosen based on your interview results at  the Dental Comprehensive Diagnosis Room (Preliminary  Examination Room).


After consultation, your next appointment, if needed, is made at the department.
You will receive the information sheet. After that, please return to the reception counter on the first floor.

 Please return the sheet to the Counter No. 3 on the 1st floor, Medical Outpatient Clinic (return port for “Today’s Information” sheets).

You will receive a numbered ticket for payment.
Please show a parking ticket if you drove here .

Fee calculation

When your calculation is finished, your payment ticket number is displayed on the electric display board.


Insert your patient ID card into the automatic payment machine: today’s fee is displayed.
After payment, you will receive a receipt (associated with an appointment ticket and a drug ticket) and the patient ID card.

Prescription of medicine

In principle, we provide drug prescriptions as external prescriptions. Thank you for your cooperation.

Internal prescriptions

Bring the drug ticket to the drug counter (1st floor, Inpatient Ward).

External prescriptions

Bring the external prescription to  a dispensing pharmacy or a pharmacy that accepts external prescriptions.

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