Center for Diversity and Inclusion

What is Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Center for Diversity and Inclusion is established for career support and good work-life balance for all medical staffs at Okayama University Hospital. In order to balance offering better medical care for patients and well-being for medical staffs, we try to seek better way of working and mutual support. Especially, we focus career development and life-long support for all medical staffs. To have good balance in working and their life events such as caring children or their family, or to keep and brush up their clinical skills, we offer various supports including seminars and e-learnings. In addition, we cooperate with other community hospitals and institutions and develop supporting network.We started day care center for children of employees during schools are closed. In addition, we offer childcare during employees are on duty on Saturdays and during night hours. We would like to try anything that contributes to medical staffs and their families’ well-being.