Department of Periodontics and Endodontics

Message from the Director of the Department

The Department of Periodontics and Endodontics is a clinical department with active ideals for "Development of human resources, Research useful for society, Clinical activities aimed for SoLA".
Soft-Landing Aging, or SoLA, is a policy by which, at the age of 80, one has 20 teeth. Today, so-called 8020 achievers have become a majority in Japan. Do you want to enjoy relaxing days with the idea of life as symbiosis with bacteria and the end of life, to achieve healthy longevity for a 90-year life? We need not bother with anti-aging. We propose a new lifestyle that embraces natural aging with SoLA.


Periodontics and Endodontics
Shogo Takashiba

Target disease

We provide treatment of periodontal diseases, inflammatory / noninflammatory lesions generated in teeth, pulp tissue, periodontal tissue, i.e., periodontal disease (gum disease) / gingival hyperplasia, pulpitis / periapical periodontitis, and dental caries (tooth decay).
Especially for periodontal disease, we provide the following diagnosis and treatment.

  • Gingivitis (plaque / non-plaque gingivitis, gingival hyperplasia, gestational gingivitis)
  • Chronic periodontitis (including occlusal traumatism, smoking-related periodontitis)
  • Systemic disease-related periodontitis (diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia, AIDS, etc.)
  • Aggressive periodontitis (periodontitis with rapid periodontal tissue destruction at a young age): Please see Aggressive Periodontitis Center (APC)
  • Periodontitis associated with genetic diseases (familial periodic neutropenia, Down syndrome, Papillon–Lefèvre syndrome, etc.)
  • Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis / periodontitis
  • Oral infection related to organ transplantation, cancer (immune-compromised condition), and diabetes)

The treatment strategy for them is based on removal of infection and chronic inflammation in the oral cavity and improvement of the pathological condition, resulting in restored oral function.

Contents and Features

Our department carries out diagnosis and treatment of diseases around the teeth (hard tissues) such as periodontal and endodontic lesions. Especially, we provide highly specialized periodontal and endodontic treatment to patients related to bacterial infection and chronic infection in the mouth. Moreover, as a certified training facility of the Japanese Society of Periodontology and the Japanese Society of Conservative Dentistry, we maintain sophisticated standards with high expertise and provide treatment according to the patient's individual condition.

  • Purpose: To contribute to general health from mouth health
  • Policy: We will continue supportive periodontal treatment to eliminate infection, with emphasis on the oral cavity, to restore function by fundamental treatment, and to maintain oral function after treatment over a long term.
  • Attention: Treatment period for periodontal disease, a lifestyle-related disease, requires a long period (yearly).
  • Consideration: We will provide sufficient explanation about your treatment policy and plan from your doctor, and start treatment after obtaining your consent.

For outpatient visits

By all means, please visit our homepage, where various useful information is posted.
If you have some pre-existing disease or if the area of periodontal surgery is extensive, we can perform periodontal surgery in the central operating room. Of course, inpatient treatment is also possible depending on your systemic condition. Please consult your doctor.