Specialized Outpatient Nursing Services

What is Specialized Outpatient Nursing Services?

Okayama University Hospital provides outpatient nursing services intended to improve outpatient nursing functions and services for patients, as well as integrating nursing care in the ward, outpatient clinic, and local community. The services are offered by specialized nurses, certified nurses, and others who have specialized knowledge, techniques, and licenses, in collaboration with physicians and other staff.

List of Specialized Outpatient Nursing Services

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Outpatient services for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation


We support hematopoietic stem cell transplantation before and after treatment. Our support covers daily difficulties and anxiety related to infection prevention after transplantation, as well as chronic GVHD. For patients receiving transplantation, we attend explanations by physicians to answer questions about transplantation, and introduce the transplantation ward for orientation.
[Location] Pain Center, 3rd floor, Dental Outpatient Clinic (Wednesdays);
Otorhinolaryngology, 4th floor, Medical Outpatient Clinic (Thursdays)

Outpatient services for ostomy care


We provide explanations to patients with colostomy or urostomy, as well as instruction on the selection of apparatus, methods to care for skin troubles, and daily life to patients who have had ostomy. We also provide consultation on skin damage caused by excretion, and methods to care for gastrostomy appliances. [Location] Care Support Center, Internal Medicine and Surgery B, 2nd floor, Medical Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient services for ostomy care


We support better life with diabetes such as by supporting self-injection of insulin, etc., and self-measurement of blood sugar, and by life adjustment including diet and exercise therapy.
Services are provided daily by nurses who are licensed in diabetes management in collaboration with outpatient services for foot care.
[Location] Care Support Center, Internal Medicine and Surgery C, 2nd floor,
Medical Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient services for foot care


Do you have any trouble with your nails, such as deformation, thickening, ingrowth, calluses, corns, tinea, or inability to cut your toenails by yourself?
You can consult with our dedicated nurses on how to wash your feet, clip nails, choose shoes, etc., and receive advice on how to care for your feet properly.
Feel free to consult us on any concerns related to your feet.
[Location] Internal Medicine and Surgery C, 2nd floor,
Medical Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient services for pediatric medical care


We answer questions from families of child patients about medical care before surgery, such as management of gastrostomy/tracheostomy appliances and urethral self-catheterization. We provide comprehensive support to children’s home life, school life, explanations to them, and self-management of their growth considering their conditions, collaborating with school teachers doctors, and visiting nurses.
[Location] Pediatric Surgery, 2nd floor; Pediatrics and Pediatric Neurology, 3rd floor, Medical
Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient services for organ transplantation support


Our transplantation coordinators answer questions on organ transplantation.
For patients to whom organ transplantation is suggested by doctors, we give basic information on organ transplantation and help to alleviate worry.
Transplant recipients and patients of other medical institutions can consult us freely.
[Location] Medical Departments

Perioperative Management Center (Nursing)]


The Perioperative Management Center is a medical team supporting patients who are to receive surgery at our hospital from when surgery is scheduled. The nursing section of the Center checks your physical condition before surgery. It provides explanations of surgery, anesthesia, and postoperatively leaflets for handling pain, so that you can prepare and have surgery in a better physical and mental condition. We also provide instructions for quitting smoking if necessary.
Services are currently available to limited medical departments.
[Location] Perioperative Management Center, 4th floor, Medical Outpatient Clinic

Home care guidance for kidney disease patients


When told that you need dialysis or transplantation because of renal failure, it is not the end of kidney disease treatment, but the start of a better life in care along with renal failure treatment.
We provide accurate information so that you can choose therapy that is acceptable to you.
CAPD management: Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) is home therapy. Our nurses instruct you on self management and advise you on daily life for smooth care.
[Location] Division of Hemodialysis and Apheresis, 3rd floor, West Advanced Medical Center

Outpatient services for lymphedema


For patients who need instructions about and treatment of lymphedema, Certified Medical Lymph Drainage Therapists provide instructions and care suitable to each patient under the directions of doctors. We aim to support patients and their families so that they can get along with lymphedema.
[Location] Plastic Surgery, 3rd floor, Dental Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient services for cancer care


We offer counseling services to alleviate concerns resulting from cancer, such as matters related to cancer treatment, painful symptoms of the disease or side effects, anxiety and depression, life in medical care, and worry about family matters. If you do not understand your doctor’s explanation well, or if you do not know what to do about new matters and are worrying alone, then our nurses who have had specialized training listen to you, think about the best way with you, and support you.
The services are also available to patients’ families. Feel free to consult us.
[Location] Medical Departments; Cancer Center, 4th floor, Medical Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient services for appearance care


Appearance care means “care to mitigate pain of cancer patients caused by changes in appearance by complementing them with medical, cosmetic and psychosocial support.”
Changes in appearance such as depilation or skin disorders from drug therapy for cancer might give you distress from working or going out, or cause you to avoid human interaction. We provide support to mitigate such pain via measures to changes in appearance. We offer counseling services on the use of wigs and cosmetics, how to care for skin and nails, and so on.
[Location] Cancer Center, 4th floor, Medical Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient services for family care


We provide psychological care for families of patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. Patients’ families have many difficulties such as their own anxiety, worries and suffering, how to share feelings with patients, and how to discuss difficulties with patients and other family members. Patients’ families might wonder who they can consult. We provide counseling services for such families.
[Location] Cancer Center, 4th floor, Medical Outpatient Clinic