Department of Anatomic Pathology/Division of Anatomic Pathology

Message from the Director of the Department

We make a diagnosis of diseases and evaluate a status of diseases by histological and cytological examination of obtained cells, tissues, and organs.


Division of Anatomic Pathology
Akihiro Matsukawa


Department of Anatomic Pathology
Hiroyuki Yanai

Scope of Target Diseases

Because our hospital has many specialized departments, a wide range of diseases are subject of pathological diagnosis. We accept 13,000 histological cases, 1,000 intraoperative consultation, and 10,000 cytological examinations per year.

Features and Description of Medical Care

Histological diagnosis is the diagnosis of biopsy or surgical specimens. We use usual histological and immunohistochemical staining of many markers to identify the characteristics of diseases including biomarker expression. Histological support of the specimen for "cancer genome examination" is also our task.
Cytological examinations are less-invasive examinations. Subjects of cytological examination include cervical smear, body cavity fluid, voided urine, and aspirated materials of various organs.
Intraoperative consultation is histological and cytological diagnosis during operation. It provides useful information to support the decision-making of surgeons.
Autopsy is the pathological examination of patients who have died of diseases. It is useful to explore the status of a disease and the efficacy of treatment.

For outpatient visits

Although we have no outpatient clinic, we always keep in mind how we can contribute to a patient's treatment.

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