Clinical Engineering Center


It is no exaggeration to say that the highly advanced medical care provided at Okayama University Hospital is supported by highly functional medical equipment. Clinical engineers belonging to the Clinical Engineering Center are specialists in medical equipment and contribute to team medicine in cooperation with doctors and nurses. We at the Clinical Engineering Center are committed to providing safe and reliable medical care through the management and operation of the ever-increasing number of medical devices.

Director of the Clinical Engineering CenterYuki Morizane, MD, PhD.


What is the Clinical Engineering Center?

Clinical engineers belong to the Division to operate, maintain, and manage medical equipment, which has become sophisticated and complex, with the advance of medicine, providing technical support and staff education to each clinical division. Clinical engineers who belong to the Clinical Engineering Center, Medical Support take charge of providing the services.
We provide central management of medical equipment in the hospital and conduct a high level of medical activities through the efficient operation of medical equipment, implementation of maintenance inspection, education for how to operate medical equipment, and technical support in each clinical division. We strive to improve medical safety for patients to receive safe and comfortable treatment.
The goal of "developing human resources who will be responsible for medical care in the future", we will educate both in-hospital and visiting clinical engineers, and actively accept students from clinical engineer training institutions for practical training.

Description of Main Services

  • Equipment management service: Efficient operation and appropriate arrangement are conducted for medical equipment. 
  • Maintenance inspection service: Before and after use, various checks are conducted in addition to regular checks. The safety and cleanliness of medical equipment are maintained. Medical care support service:
  • Medical care support is provided in intensive care units, operating rooms, the Division of Hemodialysis, Division of Blood Transfusion, IVR Center, inpatient wards, and outpatient clinics.
  • Education activity: We are building an educational curriculum based on developing human resources for clinical engineers.  In addition, we regularly hold a study meeting for people in other occupations on the handling of equipment.
  • Risk management service: Maintenance of high safety environment is fundamentally important at this hospital. We examine accidental cases and situations in which medical equipment is involved. We provide related information to medical staff members at internal meetings and ME seminars so that we are working to prevent recurrences and make improvements.
  • Research and development: We are partnering with manufacturers to support the development of medical devices and to support needs proposals.