Palliative Care Team

What is the Palliative Care Team?

Palliative care is medical care that addresses ongoing pain or pain that is expected to occur. We support you to the greatest extent possible to keep the patient "like the patient" by reducing physical, psychological, and social difficulties.

Palliative care is not only medical care for patients in a terminal stage of disease: it should be applied along with treatment of the disease from early diagnosis. Furthermore, it is not only for cancer patients, but for patients with other diseases that are difficult to treat. While in the hospital, we will visit your hospital room, listen to your needs slowly, and provide care that is tailored to you. As an outpatient, we will provide palliative care in outpatient clinics.

Discussions are held once a week by multi-disciplinary members. We will share information related to patients, alleviating symptoms, supporting living, etc. We also offer counseling such as home care and transference. Please do not endure pain or suffering alone. Please consult us.