Message from Vice Director


General Affairs and Management

I am a vice director Shin Morizane in charge of general affairs.
We would like to make efforts from various directions so that patients can trust Okayama University Hospital and feel closer to it.
My hobby is running. I look forward to Okayama Marathon, Soja Kibiji Marathon, and Tsuyama Kamogo Marathon every year.

MORIZANE ShinDermatology


Planning, Public Relations and SDGs

I am a vice director Fumio Otsuka in charge of planning, public relations and SDGs for our hospital.
I would like all the patients to receive the latest medical care safely and securely.
I also would like to produce comfortable environment with hospitality for the patients, students and staffs.
My hobby is music appreciation and I hope you will enjoy piano concerts in our hospital in near future.

OTSUKA FumioGeneral Medicine


Medical Examination/Disaster prevention

I am a vice director Hisashi Masuyama in charge of medical examination and disaster prevention.
Our “Team OKADAI” will continue to make best efforts to provide advanced, safe and warm medical care for all patients.
I like to visit museums when I participate in meetings all over the world to cultivate my sensitivity, but...

MASUYAMA HisashiObstetrics and Gynecology


Dental Examination

I am a vice director Junichi Asaumi in charge of dental clinics.
We provide highly-advanced dental treatments to patients.
You can get the information in our website, and please do not hesitate to ask our dental staff about it.
I like cooking. On my days off, I cook all meals for my family for the day. I also make coffee by grinding beans every morning.


Medical Education

I am Hideo Ino, a vice Director for Education.
My important role is to contribute to the provision of high-quality and safe healthcare services by supporting the continuous learning of hospital staffs.
I will continue to develop the hospital environment for sustainable learning and growth, using my long experiences through Japanese martial arts “Budo”.

INO Hideo


Dental Education and Research

I am Hiroshi Kamioka in charge of education and research in the field of dentistry.
We are constantly developing dentists and promoting clinical research through dental care. Thank you for your cooperation.
I hold a book club with my friends as an opportunity to learn about my ignorance.
I am looking forward to the monthly discussion.

KAMIOKA HiroshiOrthodontics


Medical Safety

I am Hirokazu Tsukahara. I am a vice director who is in charge of medical safety management.
I have worked as a pediatrician for 35 years. Our section for medical safety management strives to maintain the environment assuring high quality and reliable safety in medical care.
We make every effort to create a good relationship of trust between health care providers and patients/their families.
My hobby is reading books, especially those focusing on medical safety and security as well as child health in recent years.

TSUKAHARA HirokazuPediatrics


Quality of Medical Care and Patient Service

I am a vice director Mikiko Iwatani in charge of Quality of medical care and patient services.
I will promote "patient-centered care" to provide the best practice for patients.
I will also make efforts to offer more useful patient services to patients.
I like to visit art museums. I enjoy unique spaces and discovering attractive artworks.

IWATANI MikikoNursing