Message from Vice Director


General Affairs/Planning and Management

I am a vice director Fumio Otsuka in charge of general affairs and planning for our hospital.
I would like all the patients to receive the latest medical care safely and securely.
I also would like to produce comfortable environment with hospitality for the patients, students and staffs.
My hobby is music appreciation and I hope you will enjoy piano concerts in our hospital.

Fumio OTSUKAGeneral Medicine



Medical Examination

I am a vice director Hisashi Masuyama in charge of medical examination.
Our “Team OKADAI” will continue to make best efforts to provide advanced, safe and warm medical care for all patients.
I like to visit museums when I participate in meetings all over the world to cultivate my sensitivity, but...

Obstetrics and Gynecology



Dental Examination

I am a vice director Takuya Miyawaki in charge of dental clinics.
We provide highly-advanced dental treatments to patients.
You can get the information in our website, and please do not hesitate to ask our dental staff about it.
I like the NHK historical drama series and weekly watch it. Good story!

Takuya MIYAWAKIDental Anesthesiology



Medical Education

I am Shinichi Toyooka, and am responsible for Education of Physicians as one of the Vice Directors.
I have spent my working life up until now looking after patients as a surgeon.
Based on this experience, I will strive to nurture physicians who are sincere and value the spirit of teamwork, and provide high-quality care to their patients.
I enjoyed playing tennis during medical school, and have recently started to play again.

Shinichi TOYOOKAGeneral Thracic Surgery



Medical Research

I am a vice director Yoshinobu Maeda in charge of Medical Research.
We will continue to make strenuous efforts to promote cutting-edge research and development designed to cure as many people as possible.
I love skiing on wide slope. In the seasons other than winter, I like reading books while on the move.

Yoshinobu MAEDAHematology and oncology



Dental Education and Research

I am a vice director in charge of education and research in dental section.
The university hospital conducts education and research through treatment, and the former is aimed for producing supreme medical staffs and the latter is for producing future advanced medical treatments in our hospital.
Both cannot be performed without supports of patients. We would sincerely appreciate your understanding and corporation for advancement of our work in dental field.
I like eating a good meal. In my spare time, I sometimes enjoy cooking for my family.

Yoshinobu YANAGIDental Comprehensive
Diagnosis Room



Medical Safety

I am Hirokazu Tsukahara. I am a vice director who is in charge of medical safety management.
Our section for medical safety management strives to maintain the environment assuring high quality and reliable safety in medical care.
We make every effort to create a good relationship of trust between health care providers and patients/their families.
My hobby is reading books, especially those focusing on medical safety and security as well as child health in recent years.

Hirokazu TSUKAHARA Pediatrics



Quality of Medical Care and Patient Service

I am a vice director Masako Munemiya in charge of Quality of Medical care and Patient services.
Advances in medical technology made it possible to cure diseases that are difficult to treat.
However, once we become sick, we can't go back to how it was before. Even after you recovered, there is a possibility that you have to live long time with the disease or drugs.
We'll do our best to provide you a good nursing service without anxiety.
I like reading books and having a nap when I have a free time. I also like to sit in the sun drinking Ume Kobu Cha.

Masako  MUNEMIYA Director of Nursing