Department of Pharmacy

Message from the Director

We offer high-quality medical care with hospitality, and train and educate excellent medical professionals. Okayama University Hospital provides high-quality medical care with the utmost consideration given to the dignity and human rights of those who receive care based not only on treating those who are sick but also prompting and maintaining people’s health, recognizing the gravity of the responsibility, and “loving people”.

Department of Pharmacy
Yoshito ZAMAMI

What is Department of Pharmacy?

Okayama University Hospital assigns pharmacists to all wards to provide proper, safe, and efficient drug treatment to inpatients. Ward pharmacists check inpatients’ internal use and adverse drug reactions and contribute to the promotion of the proper use of drugs in collaboration with doctors, nurses, and other medical staff through patient compliance instructions and drug control guidance, to provide effective and safe drug treatment to inpatients. We perform clinical pharmaceutical research considering optimal medication for patients, and provide education related to basic and clinical pharmacology to pharmacy, medical, dental, and nursing students, as well as education on clinical pharmacology and medical pharmacy to graduate students, residents, and staff. With regard to research, we conduct diverse basic and clinical studies related to drugs, as described below.