Hospital-based cancer registry division


What is the Hospital-based cancer registry division?

We aim for improvement in the quality of our cancer therapy through appropriate comprehension and evaluation of the status and gross results of cancer therapy administered at our hospital based on hospital-based cancer registry data, etc., and comparison with other hospitals.
We also intend to assist cancer patients and their families to match appropriate medical institutes as a designated cancer hospital (Okayama Saiseikai General Hospital, Okayama Medical Center, Japanese Red Cross Okayama Hospital, Kawasaki Medical School Hospital, and Kurashiki Central Hospital), local cancer hospitals (Kaneda Hospital and Takahashi Central Hospital), and prefectural designated cancer hospitals (Kawasaki Medical School General Medical Center, Okayama Rosai Hospital, Okayama City Hospital, and Kurashiki Medical Center) in Okayama Prefecture by properly disclosing cancer therapy information and other knowledge related to designated hospitals using hospital-based cancer registry data of designated cancer hospitals of the Okayama Cancer Medical Examination and Treatment Cooperation Conference.