Department of Radiology

Message from the Director of the Department

We specialize in diagnostic radiology, radiation therapy, and interventional radiology (image-guided minimally invasive therapy). Our specialists provide the highest level of medical service by effectively using the latest equipment and modality. We treat diseases of various kinds in close cooperation with other departments and hospitals.

Department of Radiology

Takao Hiraki

Scope of Target Diseases

Diagnostic radiology: any disease involving structural and functional abnormality that can be visualized by an imaging modality.
Radiotherapy division: brain tumor, head and neck tumor, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, metastatic bone tumor, etc.
Interventional Radiology(IR): liver cancer, lung cancer, renal cancer, etc. (ablation therapy)
visceral aneurysm, vascular malformation (embolization therapy) 

Features and Description of Medical Care

Outpatient clinic services cover almost all fields of clinical radiology. Plain radiography is performed on every weekday, requiring no appointment. Other diagnostic examinations require an appointment in advance. Regarding IR and radiotherapy, the application will be considered after a patient is referred. This department has beds for inpatients, performing inpatient examination and treatment mainly for patients who receive IR and radiotherapy. This department also has specialized rooms for radioisotope internal therapy. Regarding IR, we perform radiofrequency ablation for lung cancer and cryoablation for renal cancer actively, and accept patients from all over Japan and the world. Regarding proton beam therapy, we perform preparations before the treatment, a medical examination, the introduction to Tsuyama Chuo Hospital. We accept email ( related to consultations from attending physicians such as the adoption of proton beam therapy.

For outpatient visits

Interventional radiology outpatient:
Specialized outpatient services are provided every morning on weekdays. Visiting patients are referred from all over the country. If patients are referred by any other hospital, please take a moment to call the General Patient Support Center (local medical service cooperating rooms) before visiting our department: Tel.: 086-235-7205 and Fax: 086-235-6761; Web: We see patients if referrals clearly include requested examination and therapy.
Radiotherapy/ Proton beam therapy outpatient:
Please call the General Patient Support Center (local medical service cooperating rooms) before visiting our department.

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