Department of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery

Message from the Director of the Department

We are mainly responsible for liver transplantation and hepatobiliary and pancreatic (HBP) surgeries. Complex surgeries and refractory cancers characterize HBP surgery. Still, by entirely using advanced surgical techniques and perioperative management, Okayama University Hospital boasts one of the highest numbers of surgeries and surgical outcomes in Japan. In recent years, we have also focused on laparoscopic and robotic surgery as well as liver transplantation and the challenge of advanced cancer.
We face patients suffering from illnesses with courage and sincerity and do our best to give them hope and a future with the best and most appropriate surgery.

Department of Hepato-Biliary-
Pancreatic Surgery

Scope of Target Diseases

Liver transplantation is performed for end-stage cirrhosis and acute liver failure in pediatric and adult patients. In addition, liver resection and pancreatectomy are performed for HBP malignancies.

Features and Description of Medical Care

We have developed a close medical care system with the Department of Gastroenterology and the Department of Radiology to provide optimal, high-quality cancer treatment for each patient, from accurate cancer evaluation to perioperative chemotherapy. Postoperative management is also conducted with the Perioperative Management Center to enhance recovery after surgery. Our strength lies not only in surgery but also in the fact that we can maintain safe and excellent surgical outcomes through medical cooperation and team care. Furthermore, in recent years, we have been focusing on minimally invasive surgeries, mainly laparoscopic and robotic surgeries. In particular, we have become one of the most advanced programs in Japan for robotic surgery.

For outpatient visits

In liver transplantation, in addition to the 25-year history of living donor liver transplants, we have succeeded in the first cadaveric liver and kidney transplants in this region and the first simultaneous brain-dead liver and kidney transplants in Japan. The cumulative number of liver transplants is 489(including 51 cadaveric liver transplants), one of Japan's highest. Even highly advanced HBP cancer considered unresectable can be resectable with chemotherapy and outstanding surgical techniques. We also provide minimally invasive surgery using the latest robotic surgery, even for ordinarily open procedures.

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