Reproduction Center

Our activities and features

Reproduction includes everything from fertilization of an egg by a sperm, implantation, pregnancy, fetal development and a safe birth of a baby. From a wide perspective it also means “regeneration” to create a next generation.
The Reproduction Center, Okayama University Hospital provides state-of-the-art reproductive technology for infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss (state of repeated miscarriage or stillbirth), as well as fertility preserving treatments such as cryopreservation of sperms, eggs, embryos and ovaries for future pregnancy of cancer patients.
Okayama University Hospital is a cancer treatment center providing cancer treatment by looking at the life plan of each patient. In addition, the medical school collaborates with faculty of agriculture (medical-agriculture collaboration) to establish the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Center to train embryologists who are to be engaged in reproduction medicine and to develop new technologies related to reproductive medicine. Moreover, counselors related to reproductive medicine belong to the reproduction center and it also manages the Okayama Prefectural Special Infertility Counseling Center, “Counseling room for infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss and mental health”.

Reproduction center of Okayama University Hospital is a base for integrated medicine, research and education specialized in “reproduction” created from a collection of organizations of Okayama University gathering physicians, nurses, embryologists, counselors and others who are involved in reproductive technology or cancer therapy.