Integrated Support Center for Patients and Self-learning

What is Division of Integrated Support Center for Patients and Self-learning?

The Center was established to provide comprehensive and continuous services to patients from the perspectives of medical care, health, and social welfare. We give patients various advice and support medical care cooperation inside and outside the hospital. The main staff are doctors, medical social workers, nurses, pharmacists and clerical staff. We try to undertake counseling, patient support, support before hospitalization, discharge support and regional medicine collaboration.

Department of Counseling

  • Medical, nursing and welfare counseling
  • Cancer counseling support center
  • Counseling service for the Dementia Medical Center
  • Counseling service for the Epilepsy Center
  • Clinical trial / research counseling service
  • Patient counceling service for medical accidents

Department of Patient Support

  • Support of Patient activities
  • Support of volunteer activities

Department of Hospitalization and Discharge Support 

  • Support before hospitalization and perioperative support
  • Discharge support and home care support 

Department of Regional medicine collaboration

  • Medical appointment
  • Hospital-clinic and hospital-hospital collaboration