Center for Comprehensive Genomic Medicine

Our activities and characteristics

The Center for Comprehensive Genomic Medicine was established in December 2017 at Okayama University Hospital for enhancing treatment and new drug development using genomic information and educating people to be engaged in genomic medicine, to realize genomic medicine in which genomic information is analyzed to provide treatment tailored to each patient’s condition based on the latest medical findings. The Center aims at a better life of the people and the extension of healthy life expectancy by research and development of genomic medicine and innovative medical technology, and by the promotion of education of various specialists of the next generation who will be engaged in genomic medicine.

Head Shinichi Toyooka
Vice-head Akira Hirasawa,Shuta Tomida,Daisuke Ennishi, Mizuo Ando, Hiroyuki Ishiura
Genomic Medicine Management Section Chief Akira Hirasawa
Genomic Medicine Specialist Education Section Chief Shinichi Toyooka
Genomic Information and Bioresource Management Section Chief Hideki Yamamoto
Basic Research Section Chief Shuta Tomida
Clinical Research Section Chief Daisuke Ennishi
Rare diseases Section Chief Hiroyuki Ishiura