Gender Center (Department of Neuropsychiatry)

What is the Gender Center?

The Gender Center treats, researches, and provides education about gender associated diseases (GAD) including gender identity disorder (GID). Today, national insurance coverage for sex reassignment surgery has been approved. Therefore, this center plays an important role as a training institute to cultivate GID medical specialists. We developed the world’s first flap combination phalloplasty and introduced recto-sigmoid colon vaginoplasty using a laparoscope.
We have researched sex organ transfer homosexually and heterosexually for the first time uterine transplantation. We have global partners that include Ghent Univ. in Belgium, Vrije Univ. in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Dong-A Univ. in Korea, and Chulalongkorn Univ. in Thailand.

Information on Mastectomy (FTM) and Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)

We offer the following physical treatments.
■Urethral lengthening
■Penile plasty
■Vulvar feminization



【About waiting time】
Currently, due to the lack of treatment facilities in Japan, our Gender Center has a large waiting list of patients who wish to undergo SRS.
Therefore, it takes a minimum of 2 years from the initial consultation to perform SRS (sex reassignment surgery
During this time, patients must visit Okayama University at least four times and at least one visit to an affiliated medical institution in Okayama City.
※Since the affiliated medical institutions are not able to provide medical care in English, you will need to hire and accompany an interpreter at your own expense.
Insurance coverage
・Sex reassignment surgery for patients already undergoing hormone therapy is not covered by Japanese national health Insurance .

・In principle, we do not perform SRS on patients who have not received prior hormone therapy.


Flow of Medical Examination

■ Obtaining an appointment for consultation

First, please consult with your primary doctor about getting a referral letter and send a fax to our clinic for an appointment.
・The person in charge at our clinic will later inform you how to make an appointment for your first visit.

 ※For foreign patients who visit our hospital
For overseas patients who want a consultation or treatment at our hospital, please check this page first.
Overseas patients must contact us via medical coordinator companies or The National University Hospital Medical Cooperation Network , for safe and reliable medical care.
Our physicians will determine on your acceptance as a patient, comprehensively,based on your prior medical information, imaging data interpretation, expected benefits of our services, and so on.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation for smooth consultation and treatment. The patient also must cover the expenses for medical coordination.  

Surgery Costs (Expenses)

We require a deposit prior to surgery. Payment is due 30 days prior to the scheduled surgery date.

Payment can be made at conveniences store or post office in Japan.
If you wish to pay by credit or debit card, please pay at the counter.

"Deposit" does not equal "surgery fee".
If complications arise, the hospital stay is longer than expected, or only expensive private rooms are available, additional fees may be added to the deposit.
On the other hand, a portion of the deposit may be returned.
Fees are subject to change without notice.

※Deposits for Surgery, click here (Only Japanese).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to undergo physical therapy (mastectomy, hormone therapy, SRS)...
A:To start mastectomy and hormone therapy, the diagnosis must be confirmed by our Gender Clinic and the physical therapy must be approved by our Gender Clinic.
A confirmed diagnosis and approval of physical treatment means that after a comprehensive medical examination, including a life history, psychological examination, physical examination (height, weight, current medical history, medical history, blood test, etc.), and a physical examination of the patient, the Gender Clinic will determine whether the patient is a candidate for a mastectomy or hormone treatment.
Hormone administration (male and female hormones), mastectomy, and sex reassignment surgery are approved by two psychiatric neurologists, a gynecologist, urologist, plastic surgeon, clinical psychologist, and extramural academic experts.
We often start with hormone therapy and administer hormones in the urology and gynecology departments.
Q: What is sex reassignment surgery....
A: MTF (Male to Female) => Vasectomy, penis removal.Spermatozoa removal, vagotomy, vulva feminization, vaginogenesis
FTM (Female to Male) => Hysterectomy and Ovariectomy, urethral lengthening, penile formation

Mastectomy is not considered sex reassignment surgery.
Urethral lengthening is necessary for patients who wish to undergo penile reconstruction.