Department of Clinical Genetics and Genomic Medicine

Message from the Director of the Department

The Department of Clinical Genetics and Genomic Medicine comprises the “Clinical Genomics” and the “Cancer Precision Medicine.”
The “Clinical Genomics” offers genetic counseling, which is defined as the process of helping people understand and adapt to the medical, psychological, and familial implications of genetic contributions to disease (J Genet Couns. 2006 Apr;15(2):77-83).
The “Cancer Precision Medicine” investigates genomic alteration of cancer cells, which may lead to better diagnoses and treatment strategies that are tailored to patients’ tumors and recommend optimal treatment to their doctors.
Our department provides patients and their families with reliable genomic medicine, in collaboration with referring medical institutes, as well as other departments of Okayama University Hospital.

Department of Clinical Genetics and
Genomic Medicine

Scope of Target diseases

Clinical Genomics

The “Clinical Genomics” offers genetic counseling related to hereditary cancer (patients presenting with strong cancer family histories or young onset), pediatric hearing loss, congenital diseases, cleft lip palate, prenatal diagnosis, attitudes toward subsequent pregnancies, hereditary skin diseases and so on. Please visit “Clinical Genomics” for more details.

Cancer Precision Medicine

The “Cancer Precision Medicine ” offers caner genomic testing to cancer patients, who have completed standard therapy and in feasible conditions for anticancer agents. Cancer genomic profiling is considered based on a referral from doctors at local medical institutions or Okayama University Hospital. See “Cancer Precision Medicine” for more details.

Features and Description of medical care

The “Clinical Genomics” provides genetic counseling conducted by appropriate genetic medicine specialist, such as oncologist (for familial adult-onset syndromes), obstetrician (for preconception or prenatal counseling) and so on. Supporting the patient in decision-making and coping are essential components of genetic counseling. We therefore provide accurate genetic information and offer psychological and social support before and after genetic testing so that better decisions can be made, such as by providing easy explanations and counseling for anxiety.

The “Cancer Precision Medicine” investigates somatic changes of cancer genome using cancer tissues obtained from past surgery or biopsy. Patients will be referred back to their physicians with candidates for sensitive agents for their optimal treatment that are tailored to patients’ tumors.
Genomic profiling of cancer may reveal hereditable characteristics, therefore may reveal the genetic risk not only of patients but also their families. So that, both units at the Department of Clinical Genetics and Genomic Medicine work together to provide reliable genomic medicine from cancer prevention to treatment.

For outpatient visits

Our department provides genomic medicine, for which many people have strong hopes and expectations. Then we offer comprehensive care including explanations before and after genetic and genomic testing and treatment in addition to care for anxiety resulting from various reasons, so that our patients and their families can have safe and reliable genomic medicine.
Our staff members strive to establish and maintain mutual trust with our patients and their families.

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