Okayama Prefectural Medical Center for Dementia-related Diseases

What is the Okayama Prefectural Medical Center for Dementia-related Diseases?

We make an accurate differential diagnosis and select prescription drugs to support primary care doctors. For behavioral and psychiatric symptoms of dementia (BPSD) and coexisting physical disorders, we provide inpatient hospital care or refer the patient to appropriate medical institutions. Furthermore, we provide educational programs for caregivers and families and information for the public.


The center is managed by Dr. Maeda (Director of Hospital) as Director, Dr.Ishiura (Professor of Neurology and Strokology) and Dr. Takaki (Professor of Neuropsychiatry) as Vice-directors. The consultation desk is located in the General Patient Support Center.

Management Policy

Medical care related to the differential diagnosis and treatment of dementias is provided mainly by the outpatient clinics of Neurology and Neuropsychiatry. Some dementia diseases are also treated at the Department of Neurological Surgery. Not only do we provide early diagnosis and a high level of differential diagnosis, we also provide referrals to appropriate institutions that admit patients, conduct educational programs related to dementia, and perform clinical trials of new drugs.