Division of Blood Transfusion

What is the Division of Blood Transfusion?

The Division of Blood Transfusion makes efforts towards practicing safe and appropriate blood transfusion therapy. We performed blood transfusion-related examinations (blood typing, etc.) and centralize the storage management of blood products for blood transfusion. Additionally, we collect, preserve, and manage cells for cell therapies such as bone marrow transplantation, peripheral blood stem cell transplantation, cord blood transplantation, and CAR-T therapy. We cooperate with each clinical department for safe and appropriate blood transfusion and cell therapy. Outside the hospital, we promote the improvement of blood transfusion therapy, making it more useful and safer through participation in a joint committee of blood transfusion therapy and mutual cooperation with blood centers. We would like to become capable of assuming a central role in blood transfusion and cell therapy in the Chugoku–Shikoku area.