Department of General Medicine

Message from the Director of the Department

For patients who have multiple illnesses in areas overlapping several specialized departments of internal medicine such that we cannot ascertain which department they should visit, we provide care of widely diverse types as needed, including holistic evaluations and immediate early treatments. When we can ascertain the appropriate department for each patient, we will refer the patient to it. However, we provide care for patients requiring general medical diagnoses and treatments.

Department of General Medicine
Fumio Otsuka

Scope of Target Diseases

Benefitting from staff members' specialized viewpoints of endocrine/metabolism, digestive, cardiovascular, infectious diseases, fever of unknown origin, and Kampo, the department provides general and comprehensive medical treatment.

Features and Description of Medical Care

We are in charge of providing treatments of general internal medicine while remaining mindful of the following points: (1) medical care from wide viewpoints of general internal medicine; (2) ability to respond first to various symptoms and pathological conditions; (3) Consideration for patient’s background (such as their families and communities); (4) a comprehensive view including preventive medicine; (5) a sense of balance of this department with those of specialized treatments (subspecialty).

  • Careful medical consultations and interviews
  • Biochemical examination of blood (endocrine and metabolism tests, immune/antibody test, etc.)
  • Physiological function examinations (electrocardiographic/respiratory tests, etc.)
  • Imaging diagnostics (ultrasonography/x-ray, CT/MRI/scintigraphy, etc.)

In cooperation with departments dealing with internal organs, the department makes proper use of facilities for specialized examinations and treatments. Moreover, the department is in charge of accepting students of postgraduate clinical training of internal medicine. Therefore, residents provide outpatient clinical service as part of education. Some are also in charge of inpatient clinical service as secondary attending physicians. The educational system is consolidated by staff members and attending physicians in an effort to exchange information smoothly and to respond rapidly to any eventuality.

  • Kampo Clinic

 Experts of Japanese traditional(Kampo) medicine treat variety of disease in the different way from western medicine.

  • Out Patient Clinic of FUO(Fever of Unknown Origin)

 Physicians manage patients who are suffering from FUO. It is necessary to consider not only specific organ but also whole person.

  • Women’s Health Care Clinic

 Total care clinic for women who has various problems by female physicians.

  • Travel Health Clinic

 We provide pre-travel vaccinations, prescriptions for preventive medicines, and useful information on various health issues. We can also treat patients with health problems after their returns to Japan.

  • COVID-19 After Care Clinic

  Holistic care clinic for patients suffering from various symptoms after COVID-19.

For outpatient visits

Physicion with residents and medical students provide outpatient clinical service every morning. Clinical hours in the afternoon are assigned for patients who have made an appointment in advance.
Aiming not only to "cure disease" but also to "heal a patient" using medicine comprehensively, the staff members work together to provide medical care and to improve the patient quality of life. To choose the optimal treatment policy of each patient, details of the patient history and lifestyle are recorded. A physical exam, blood tests, and other examinations are conducted as needed at the initial consultation.

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