Division of Dental Hygiene


What is the Division of Dental Hygiene?

Dental hygienists have national qualifications. Under the instruction of dentists, we provide preventive dental care, aid, and assistance for diagnosis and treatment, and dental health guidance. We take a role not only to support dental care, but also to ease patients’ tension during diagnosis and treatment. We act as a bridge linking patients and dentists. We assigned 16 dental hygienists to dental divisions and the Cancer Center. They visit non-assigned clinical divisions and wards to provide oral care and surgical assistance. The Division supports patients in receiving dental care safely, securely, and comfortably. While collaborating with medical divisions, we are actively involved in team medicine. Being involved in education for dental hygienist clinical trainees as well, we are active in many areas. • [Team medical care] • Nutrition Support Team (NST) • Bedsore Clinic Team • Diabetes Center • Mothers’ Class • ICU Oral Care Round Team • Oral Care Team of Head and Neck Cancer Center • Perioperative Management Center • Palliative Care Team • Medical Center for Children • Liver Disease Medical Support Team