Department of Oral Rehabilitation and Implantology

Message from the Director of the Department

The Department of Oral Rehabilitation and Implantology provides oral rehabilitation medicine not only for patients who have lost teeth but also for individuals who have lost the cooperative use of masticatory function because of a systemic disease such as a stroke. In addition, oral implant treatment, regenerative medicine, and digital dental treatments based on the world’s most advanced basic and clinical research findings are provided. Recently, we have received a Grant-In-Aid for clinical research from Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) to execute the fist-in-human clinical trial of rhBMP-2 / beta TCP artificial bone substitute.


Director, Department of Oral Rehabilitation and Implantology Takuo Kuboki

Scope of Target Diseases

Our patients include people who cannot accommodate ordinary removal and fixed dentures, who are not satisfied with the appearance around their mouth, who need to extract their teeth because of dental caries and periodontal disease, who suffer from jaw joint noise or pain, masticatory muscle pain, and tooth or oral pain caused by unknown origin, who have severe snoring, bruxism, and obstructive sleep apnea, who are suspected of having metal allergies, who have orofacial defects because of trauma and cancer disease, who are planning to have surgery under hospitalization, who have dysphagia, and even those who want a mouth-guard for sports.

Features and Description of Medical Care

We rehabilitate patients’ oral function and appearance using oral implant therapy, adhesion bridges, CAD/CAM crowns, removable dentures, and regenerative medicine using the newest technologies and biomaterials. We work together with medical departments on the diagnosis of temporomandibular disorders, orofacial pain, obstructive sleep apnea, and metal allergy and management of nutrition for hospitalized patients, thereby providing the last stronghold function of community medicine. Regarding oral implant treatment, we employ the technique of providing implant placement and fixed dentures using placed implants in one or two days in cooperation with skilled dental technicians, which frees patients from the disabilities related to mastication, pronunciation and esthetic difficulties. Furthermore, we employ implant guide surgery technique by ascertaining the three-dimensional jaw bone shape using CT imaging and planning the implant placement site in advance to provide outpatient implant treatment without hospitalization.

For outpatient visits

We provide a highly skilled team approach that includes the region’s highest-qualified clinical experts certified by their respective academic societies of oral implant specialists, prosthodontic specialists, temporomandibular joint disorder and orofacial pain specialists, oral rehabilitation specialists, and geriatric dental specialists. We strive to solve patient difficulties and annoyances by being attentive to patient complaints. Because plural treatment options usually exist for any patient’s condition, we prepare the best treatment planning for each patient by gathering our maximal knowledge and skills. Treatments to resolve the difficulties presented by each patient are usually selected after detailed examination and comparison of the benefits and shortcomings of each treatment modality based on the clinical evidence and on obtaining sufficient patient understanding.