Department of Infectious Diseases

Message from the Director of the Department

We diagnose and treat infectious diseases caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses (excluding hepatitis virus). We exclude non-infectious diseases and make appropriate diagnoses for various infectious diseases. Additionally, we search for the causative microorganisms to the greatest extent possible so that we can select appropriate antimicrobial drugs. We also carry out appropriate antibiotic therapy.


Department of Infectious Diseases
Nobuchika Kusano

Scope of Target Diseases

We target all infections caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and virus, providing diagnosis and treatment for infectious diseases in various organs.
These include septicemia, respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, sexually transmitted disease (STD), and systemic viral infections.
Increasingly, here are cases in which antibiotics are ineffective against bacteria (resistant bacteria), leading to treatment failure.
Especially, infections caused by multidrug-resistant bacteria are often refractory, but such infections are also covered.

Features and Description of Medical Care

In addition to culture of bacteria and fungi, appropriate diagnosis is conducted using specific antigen test, specific antibody test, genetic diagnosis, and examination of various drug-resistance genes.
We diagnose various infectious diseases and provide appropriate antimicrobial therapy to prevent bacteria and fungi from developing resistance. We also diagnose and treat unidentified fevers.
Our department provides medical care as an AIDS treatment core hospital in Okayama Prefecture.
In cases with underlying diseases, we cooperate with multiple medical treatment to conduct medical treatment for infectious diseases. We also provide support for the proper treatment of infectious diseases for patients in other departments.

For outpatient visits

Infectious diseases are the most familiar diseases. Even under normal immune conditions, infections readily occur in microorganisms with high pathogenicity such as influenza. Even microorganisms with low pathogenicity in immunosuppressed patients cause infection. We will diagnose infectious diseases caused by widely various microorganisms and carry out appropriate treatment.

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